Friday, 4 April 2014

PaTwits in Paris - Version Scrap Day & workshop

This is just down the road at the end of our street, although we are not sure what it is!!

And on the pavement just after we've come up from the metro to get on the noddy train to Parc Floral.

Chateau de Vincennes just before the Parc Floral.

In our 'huge tags' workshop intently listening to instructions!!

Brigit, our teacher who spoke perfect English.

Lin with one of her many tags.

My 4 tags playing with the Aladine pigment Iznks. They are half way between acrylic paint and india inks.

Extra curricular activities, Helen drying Emma's journal page with the mop ups!!

Christine and Lin intently following the instructions!!

Then they saw me and smiled!!

Busy, busy, busy, beavering away.

The gang playing and having fun, whilst stopping for a photo opportunity.

Packing away for the next class to arrive.

Guess where we headed off to next.....

Lin making me a tag with greens and LP stamps.

Leandra trying her best at the French lingo with a bit of English thrown in for good measure!!!

Both still demoing after a really long day.

One of the many murals on the wall of the Bastille metro station.

The stash, stencils and stamps....and....

wooden and metal embellies, sanding blocks and ric rac.

Then we hit the town and invaded this place.

Where we had another very traditional French meal, pizza! Please take note of the bottle of wine shared by Emma and Helen.


PaperArtsy said...

oo fab pics, looks like you are having an awesome time. x

craftimamma said...

It really does look like you had a fab day. Love the stash and those paint/inks you used in the workshop sound interesting. Some lovely photos of you all.

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

Well done Sam!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Looks like you are having a fab time, and I am just here hospital visiting! I could come over and translate you know! Glad you are having such a lovely time, I would love to go some time,

Lucy x

Julie Lee said...

Lovely post! In one of the pics, Lin S looks as if she's taking the class! Those inks that are part paint part India ink look interesting! Love the look of the stamps, stencils and embellies. We had friends who lived in Paris and we visited them several times, but we never once had a French meal: Vietnamese, Italian, Moroccan - where's that famous French cuisine to be found? Julie Ann xxx

massofhair said...

Smiling... fab post Sam definitely gets over the fun time you are all having!

Loving the doodle stamps rather a lot! Brill stash too. Enjoy today:-) xxx

Alison said...

Looks like you're having a fab time, so jealous!
Great photos Sam!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Alison xxx

Anonymous said...

I was Limelight on Friday, I'm Tinned Peas now. :) So pleased you all had such a fantastic time & I love the new stash, fab selection.

Michelle Webb said...

Very cool Sam, loving reading about your time in Paris, you had way too much fun! Love it, and your class and stash is coolio too. Michelle x

Sandy said...

Oh Sam, Sam, Sam! It is a wonder I am still speaking to you!! I would dearly have loved to have been there too! I have loved every picture you took!!
Sandy xx

butterfly said...

Definitely going to try to make it next year... crafting plus Paris in the springtime - what's not to love!?
Alison x

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