Sunday, 6 April 2014

Our last day - Paris

Just over the road from our hotel was a huge market which mostly sold food and some clothing.

It was down the middle of the main street and ran all the way to end of the road.

There were lots of fresh seafood stalls, and I mean very fresh.

I was advised that this is octopus.

And the white stuff in the middle box is squid, Emma had to take this photo as I couldn't get that close!!

And the flower stalls were so colourful and the bunches were stacked so delicately.

Sea urchins amongst other fishy things.


Then we reached the end of a row and saw lots of people gathered.

Today was the Paris marathon.

And we didn't realise that they were running past the end of our road.

Then we made our way to the train station to get on the Eurostar back to the UK.

We were going from platform 3.

Emma catching 40 winks on the Eurostar. Lin chatting to me and Helen sat opposite as we were lucky enough to get seated around a table again.


Helen said...

For someone who doesn't "do" fish, you took loads... lol!! it was a great trip, wasn't it - can't wait for the next one!

Julie Ann Lee said...

Lovely photos, especially like the ones of the market! What a great time you had! Julie Ann xx

craftimamma said...

The market photos are fascinating but for the life of me I cannot imagine eating any of the fishy food! The thought makes me feel quite nauseaous, lol!

You girls obviously had a fantastic time and thanks for keeping us up to date with your photos and blog posts Sam. It's been good to share it with you all.

Lesley Xx

massofhair said...

Love fish so pics of the market were fabulous, great to see razor clams too. Pity you couldn't get so freshly cooked treats before you came home:-) x

chrissies said...

Wonderful photographs of the market Sam. I have been away this last week as well so will have to look back at the other posts to see if there are any more wonders.

Love Chrissie x

Michelle Webb said...

All that seafood looks amazing, I'd defo buy the octopus! I love it. This totally makes me want to go next year! Michelle x

Alison said...

Great photos Sam, the market looks very interesting...bit pongy I should imagine with all the fishy stuff!
Alison xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh to spend a day wandering around a French market! Great photos Sam, thanks for sharing the adventure with the rest of us.

sally said...

Hello Sam -- I just got home and saw your blog post and Helen's, so am writing a little note to say what fun it was to meet you and the rest of the group. It was such a great idea for you all to come to Pareee, and I'm so pleased that you had such a good time.
Just hope that next time you're in Paris you bring Frazzie with you!!!!
Greetings from France - Sally xo

Pinksparklegirl said...

yeah thanks for the photo of me sleeping mate!!

Sandy said...

I am pea green with envy - what a wonderful time I know you had!! I only wish we could get fresh seafood where we live. I do love good fresh fish - yes kid, even squid if it is fresh and cooked properly!
Sandy xx

butterfly said...

I love a good market - and this looks like a cracker. Would also be keeping my distance from the squid!
Alison x

Hazel Agnew said...

Lovely photos, being nosey, its good to see some of what you got up to.x

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