Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mail Art

After seeing what Chris (sorry hasn't got a blog 'yet') created using various types of papers, tissue, deli, waxed etc I needed to have a play too. I played with various thicknesses of tissue paper, some sort of wax paper and Reynolds freezer paper. I experimented with various makes of paints, Golden high flow, PA Fresco, Liquitex heavy body, Basics and Pebeo applied with scrapers, brayers and cut n dry foam and numerous stencils.

I decided to use some of them to create some mail art. As you can see from the front of the envies, I added various stamped images using black archival. I had already started to address them as yes, I actually posted them out to see if they would be robust enough to withstand the RM postal system, but then realised that was a bad idea as I had to cover the address so I quickly grabbed a photo before I put any more on!!!

And the backs. I used tissue tape to stick them down as hopefully it won't rip the envelopes when opened.

I hope the people that I sent them too liked them and more importantly, received them in one piece.

Every one has received their envies and they all arrived in tact - yay for RM xxx


Deborah said...

Love your experimentation, Sam. And you've certainly got your money's worth from that envelope maker!

massofhair said...

So what were your thoughts on all the different items you played with?

Colours look vibrant on all as does stamping but which were best on which surface?

Were some of your envelopes not as strong as others, did you make all your envelopes on your WRMK board?

Enjoying seeing the end result of your play, glad all arrived safe and sound. Never had an issue with sending or receiving mail art myself but there's always a first time :-) x

Helen said...

Love your mail art envies, and well done RM for not destroying them in transit! Beautiful patterns and colours.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to receive one of these, thanks Sam! They're all gorgeous.

Sid said...

Fab envies Sam !!

Julie Ann Lee said...

These are just stunning! Clever and creative you! I bet Postie had a brighter day delivering them! I was delighted to receive such a gorgeous envie through the post - and in perfect condition too!I want one of those boards now!!! Julie Ann xxx

Alison said...

You have been busy Sam! They all look amazing!
Alison xxx

Sue said...

LOVE these Sam, I'm sure they brightened up everyone's day including the posties :-) xx

butterfly said...

Fabulous mail art - what a joy to receive something like this. The postpeople must've really enjoyed themselves too!
Alison x

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