Sunday, 20 October 2013

Craft Show at the Dome

Okay so it was the StampMagic show at Doncaster Dome today and it was great to see PaperArtsy there again. This time Leandra had Darcy demo-ing with her. The intention was for Darcy to be demo-ing her new Christmas stamps, but unfortunately they weren't able to be cut in time!!

This is Glamgran (aka Linda or the cupcake lady!!) and Jax having a sit down and a natter.

Linda made cupcakes for the occasion laced with loads of icing and they assured me, edible glitter!! Emma had a pink one, no surprise there then and I had a chocolate orange one, yummy!! Yeah you'll notice the PINK and orange tag, this is what Leandra made for my burfday tomorrow, but I had to show it to Jax & Linda.

Gillian came down from Scotland to join the party and help out on the PA stand. Here she is watching Darcy to make sure she does it right - lol!!

And Leandra with the zapper, drying off the frescos.

This is a glimpse of the inside pages of Darcy's denim book.  

New Prima stash on the PA stand.

This is as close as I got to the pink crocheted flowers!!!

And Gillian doing what she does best - tweeting!!

Mark wearing those keys out on the till!!!

Now Leandra was demo-ing with Grunge Paste here, not much point though really - hehehehehe!!!

Me and my mate Sue (aka sue the iron). No I don't look pale, she's just come back from a holiday in the sun!!

Gillian, Emma and me!!

Linda and Jax hanging around the PA stand (again!!)

We went out to the cafe for a coffee and some lunch and spied Lesley on the next table marking off all her purchases so she didn't get any doubles when she went back in!!!

Gillian had taken over from Leandra for a while as she was seconded elsewhere!!

Ermmmm.......'ow does this work then? Mark, where are you!!!! Luckily the lady decided to pay cash so she was okay!!  The thought of a CC transaction scared her!!!

Gillian making a postcard for Emma.

And finally a photo of the #PATwits. Front row - Darcy, Gillian and Jax.  Row 2 - Sam, Emma, Leandra, Lesley and Hazel.  Photo taken by Mark - thank you.

Now the stash, firstly from the MDF man whom I cleared out of cogs!! More pen boxes and some ovalish plaques.

My controversial wooden stamps which nearly didn't make it.  The buggers, they only went and put them out on display for people to buy!!  A pack of wooden borders.

EZ mount to put the 2 Ink and the Dog stamps sets on. These were on offer so it;d of been rude not to get any!! Yeah, I know, bottom right, flowers, but they are grungy flowers and won't look like flowers when I've done with them.  And Prima metal words on the left.

4 of the new colours of fresco paint, including the yellow sub and tango I used at the LB weekend.  The other 2 items are packs of resist sticky fabric which you can spray, paint, ink, tear and layer up.  Emma told me I needed it!!

And finally a purple ink pad which Emma bought for me, some wired raffia, PA cotton lace which takes the fresco paints fab, a black and a white wow embossing powder and some white sticky dots.

Sorry the post was so long but I wanted to share with you what a great day we all had and to top it off Emma and I went to the BeefEater pub over the other side of the lake for a meal for my birthday tomorrow.


Helen said...

Nice post, love the photos and great stash!! Hope you enjoy your birthday tomorrow, have a lovely day.

Darcy UK said...

Fab pictures. Had no idea you were snapping away lol was wonderful to see you all. Xxx

Paula Whittaker said...

Looks like you all had a great day - thanks for sharing Sam x

massofhair said...

Great post Sam really great to see everyone having a good time. Fab stash too! :-) xxx

chrissies said...

Looks like agreat day out Sam with wonderful stash at the end of it. Can't wait to see what you make

Love Chrissie x

Marianne said...

Lovely impression of the show and great new stash. Thanks for sharing the photo's!

Chris said...

Happy birthday, Sam.

Looks like you had a great day out at the Dome - I could stand and watch Leandra all day!

Have a lovely day today xx

Gillian .... said...

Happy Birthday to you .... great pictures and recap of the show, went past too quickly. Lovely to see you Emma and all the other ~PATWITS
Trust me to have my eyes closed! x

butterfly said...

Great post sharing some of the Dome fun, thank you... and another great haul you got there. Can't wait til the paints hit the website - I'll be going shopping!
Alison x

craftimamma said...

Fab post of a fab day Sam! It was great to see you and the other PATwits again. Love your stash and thanks for pointing out those wooden borders to me. I'm so glad I got them! Emma's right about the resist sticky fabric, lol! It also makes fab die cut FLOWERS!!! ;D

Lesley Xx

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