Monday, 21 October 2013

Birthday Thanks

Yesterday at the Dome I was given this fabulous card from Emma. She used distress stains for the background and little did she know that the stamp she's used is from the very first LP plate I ever bought!! 

Just look at that fantastic head gear!!!

Now for those of you who don't know, we have a bit of an issue going on with PINK or should I say, minus green and flowers. Knowing this Leandra kindly made me a tag with an orange and minus green colour combo and a flower, I think it was intentional!! Oh, and by the way, I have no idea what the significance of the 4 and 3 are!!! Seriously, thank you, it's lovely.

Also at the show Gillian gave me a gorgeous tag, again with an LP image together with the LP 21 stamp plate which happened to be next on my list after using it at the LB weekend classes.

Yesterday at the show, Darcy gave me this beautiful card. She has stitched the paper and her handwriting inside is stunning.

And this was also given to me at the show and made by the lovely Linda (aka glamgran).  Now Linda always sticks up for me on Twitter when flowers and pink are involved so she decided to turn the tables and make this fun card and inside it said, are there enough flowers for you?

And this fabulous grungy card and tag book are from my mate Chris whom I have know for quite a long time now!!

Inside the tag book are lots of blanks of different varieties of surfaces and bless her, she's put a post it note on the back of each one letting me know what they all are.  But that front cover is totally amazing.

And this one came through the post earlier in the week from my lovely twitter friend, Helen.  She does some fab journal pages.

And this is the inside, gorgeous isn't it and fabulous colours.

The lovely Lin had been sneaky too, although she posted this absolutely gorgeous tag card, again using an LP image with all those fantastic gems, she had arranged to leave a gift voucher for me at the PA stand, thanks Lin, came in very handy when I got to the till y'day!!

And another fabulous card that came in the post this morning from another lovely Twitter friend, Kirsten.  So simple but very striking - gorgeous.

And the final one brought by the postie today was from my mate Burn who I've known for such a long time through blogland, but not actually met yet!!

And this digital masterpiece is from another Twitter friend, Massofhair, absolutely stunning isn't it.

So many thanks to each and every one of you for making my day that bit more special and also to everyone who left a message on Twitter for me this morning, my timeline was buzzing - awesome!!!


massofhair said...

Some beautiful cards & Tags here Sam, thanks for sharing! Love you received some great pressies too. Sounds like you are having a wonderful day :-) xxx

Alison said...

A gorgeous selection of cards Sam!
How did I manage to miss your birthday?! I'm using my holiday as an excuse ;o)
Hope you're having a fabulous day!
Alison xxx

Marianne said...

Aaaah it's your birthday mwah mwah!! (kiss kiss) I hope you are having a great time and you are getting lots of crafty presents. Love the cards and tags they gave you for your birthday!!
Lots of love!

Helen said...

Lovely to see all your lovely cards. Hope you've been enjoying your birthday.

Lin said...

Hope you've had an amazing birthday Sam and you have received some lovely cards and gifts..and your welcome lol xxx

Deborah said...

I thought your birthday was the 29th Sam! I have a card for you. Will get it in the post tomorrow but please tell me what date your bd really is.

Julia S-W said...

Looks like a chose a good day to pop over and say hi Sam! Now I can 'Happy Birthday' to my comment. I do hope you've had a lovely day and if your cards are anything to go by, I think it's been made very special for you!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too - I'll be so glad when we've moved and I can settle to being a better blogger!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I'm glad my card arrived today, I was afraid it would be late. The cards you got are fantastic. I hope you've had a wonderful birthday.

sam21ski said...

Deb it really is my birthday today!!

Sid said...

Happy birthday !!

butterfly said...

Hmm... Guessing I owe you some happy birthday wishes! What fabulous creations from all your crafting mates - fantastic way to spend the day too at the Dome!
Alison xx

craftimamma said...

Of course, I was lucky enough to see Emma's stunning card in the flesh, so to speak and it is truly gorgeous. Lots of other beautiful makes, each one fabulous for different reasons. Knowing what I am like with handcrafted cards, etc., I can well imagine how these will be treasured.

Glad you had a lovely day Sam.

Lesley Xx

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