Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fraser in the Snow

Fraz loves the snow!!!!!  Here's 30 seconds of him having a play before we went for a walk.

Out on the field

And back in the garden after a roll!!!!!


lesleyanne said...

looks like he is having great fun Sam xx

Zoechaos said...

LOL you have to love that great big bouncing bundle of fur LOL. No snow here yet expect the IMPs will try to catch the pretty white falling things when it starts LOL xx zoe

downrightcrafty said...

lucky him, Star is on a close leash in the snow, she loves it but lets not forget that is how she put her hip out originally, so we have to control her a bit :( so wish she could run and play like Fraser
Kate x

craftytrog said...

He's gorgeous! Looks like he had great fun! xx

Minxy said...

and i bet you had big wet paw prints all over your house after lol, at least someone's enjoying the snow

Dezinaworld said...

Lol I posted pics of snow on my blog yesterday and my little dog is somewhere lost in the snow hehe, a proper pic of him is on the day befores post i think on my unwrapping my heart blog ( yep its a new blog hehe ) I love your gorgeous fur friend, he is adoreable and looks like he is having a lot of fun.
hope you are staying warm my friend
hugs June x

Neet said...

That video was fabulous! I love how he just would not move all of a sudden, despite you calling him - then all of a sudden he bounded forward - priceless! Those moments are for treasuring.

LazyKay said...

LOL, he looks as if he's saying "Come on, what's your problem?" on the video - but then he would with that coat wouldn't he?

Love the last one where the snow's all on his snout and beard!


Sue said...

Oooh Sam he's gorgeous - when he's bounding over toward you he just needs to stop and shake and David Ginola to say 'because you're worth it' :o)

JoZart said...

Fabulous to see him! You've certainly got some white stuff there.... more than we've got in Germany!
I love seeing it fresh as my garden looks as good as anyone's!
Stay warm!
Hugs Jo x

maddy hill said...

LOVE your friendly plastic makes - they are fab !
and your dogs should models - they are so gorgeous and photogenic , there are doggie model and casting agencies out there , they would be perfect - soooo gorgeous !

Samantha Read said...

He is GORGEOUS!! Sam x

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