Sunday, 13 January 2008

Shrink Plastic

Here we have a leaft and a star both cut from shrink plastic, stamped on with black archival ink and then put in the melt pot to shrink. These 2 pieces turned out ok, but I'm not struck on this technique as it's very hard to get the pieces to lay flat once they are out of the pot!!! But I will keep trying!!!!


hilmof said...

I think they're brill Sam

Ang C said...

I'm not into shrink plastic I can't get it to lay flat either!!!!

These look good though

andrea said...

They look like glass,very nice

LazyKay said...

I quite like the 'shaped' effect myself. They look good.


Helena said...

For the leaf I think the curled (spellilng?) look is just right!!

I use shrink plastic myself! This is what I do! I have glass coasters that I "borrow"! You have to be quick, once the plastic has stopped shrinking, place it on your craft mat (I use a glass chopping board as my craft mat) and place the glass coaster on top of it and lean down on it! It's not 100% the whole time but it does flatten them out more!


mommabear said...

Thry are briliant Sam and the leaves do curl as they do in real life

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