Friday, 18 January 2008


This is my very first attempt at making some of my UTEE pieces into jewellery. The one on the left is the heart that was cut out to make the photoframe. I have added a metal loop to the top and strung some cord through and put a swivel fastener on the ends of the pieces of cord. With the other 2, the cord has been threaded through the middle hole and pulled tight. I might even glue these down, haven't decided yet. Again a swivel fastener has been used on the middle one, the one on the right has been tied in a knot. The one on the left and the one in the middle hang quite high on the neck, whereas the one on the right is quite long as I had to leave enough cord so it would go over my head without getting stuck!!!


LazyKay said...

Oh, brill Sam. I especially like the heart shape. Love the way you've done the cords too - so neat, where do you buy your findings? I always want to handle the stuff I see.

I must have a go at pendents next.


Ang C said...

Lovely necklaces

I really like the doughnut ones. I think they will sit very neatly on your neck

andrea said...

These are gorgeous Sam,well done,love them

hilmof said...

brilliant Sam love them

Hugs Hilda

Helena said...

Oh these are beautiful, well done U!!! You should set up a stall somewhere and sell them! XXXX

carian said...

They are gorgeous Sam.

Ann said...

Gorgeous Sam - look much better than shop bought ones too!!

Ann-R xx

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