Sunday, 27 January 2008

More Jewellery Pieces

I made loads of these pieces today, in all colours, but I won't bore you with all of them. Would you believe that these two came out of the same pot one after each other, and they are both so different!!! I am hoping to open an ebay shop soon and put some of these pieces up for sale. Courtesy of Andrea, I have sold 2 already


Helena said...

Good for you Sam, Wishing you luck with your shop!!!!

The pieces are fantastic!


Ann said...

Great idea to open a shop Sam as your work is amazing!! GOOD LUCK with your new venture!!

Ann xxx

Mee said...

Very professional Sam. I'm sure they will sell very well

Ang C said...

They are great and I'm sure you will sell them in no time at all

andrea said...

Love the black & white,they are lovely.
Good luck with your shop

LazyKay said...

All beautiful.

Did you stick that bale on after it cooled or meld it in while it was hot?

Good luck with your shop, I'm sure these will go like hot cakes - or hot do' nuts!


sam21ski said...

Lk - had to stick the bale on after it had cooled as there is no way of getting it out of the mould whilst it's still hot enought to actually stick the bale into it - it just goes everywhere, I have tried!!!!!

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