Monday, 30 January 2017

Birthday Cards

I needed three cards for crafty friends with birthdays in January, so I decided to try a Powertex and Bister mini mixed media style and was quite pleased how they came out.

The hardest part was trying to keep them flat once they had been mounted on to the actual card, as they dried on the chipboard they curled!

I used teal pigment along with copper and gold on this one to hi-light the textures.

Bits and bobs, coffee stirrers, corrugated cardboard, cotton scrim, sand balls, string, dishcloth and t-shirt fabric to create the textures.

Everything was sprayed in a mix of brown or natural Bister and water and left to dry overnight.

Once completely dry they were all dry brushed very lightly with ivory Powertex and copper and gold pigments to finish.


hazel said...

Fabulous cards - whoever receives them will love them.
xxx Hazel.

craftytrog said...


chrissie said...

Stunning and very different Sam. Always great makes on your blog

Love Chrissie xx

Kirsten said...

They're gorgeous!

Helen said...

having seen one in the flesh on Saturday, I can confirm they look fabulous.

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