Sunday, 21 June 2015

Workshop with Lin Day 2

First thing to do was have morning cuddles with Meg.

And then a kiss.

Today I was making a patchwork piece of metals. Once all the pieces were created I assembled them in no particular order.

Em and her finished canvas, yes, I did say finished!!

Once I'd finished my patchwork sample I wondered how it would look on my canvas, so I painted the canvas with a black wash, mounted the patchwork piece onto a piece of black card and covered some art parts with sticky silver coloured thin metal, scuffed it with the brass brush tool and painted them black and took most of it off.  Once I was happy with the layout, I took on the task of gluing it down. I will show you a close up of the finished piece on another post.

Group photo and Meg managed to get in too!! Lin is holding my finished piece.

Thanks to one and all for making it a fabulous weekend.


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

The projects look great, thanks for sharing the photos.

Helen said...

Can't believe you managed to blog day 2 already! Great photos and your finished piece looks gorgeous (well semi-finished)

chrissie said...

Love the gold and the way you used the metal creation

Chrissie xx

craftimamma said...

What a fabulous weekend once again! I can't believe how you managed to finish one amazing project and half do another ..... and both of them brilliant into the bargain!

Lesley Xx

Sid said...

Great stuff and glad you had a great weekend !

Claire said...

A lovely post Sam, love seeing the photos. Glad you had a great weekend :)

Sandy said...

I think your piece looks really good! As I said, I am so envious. I know I am supposed to be British and live in England somewhere. I just don't know where. As long as it not close to London - maybe near Bath.
Sandy xx

Deborah said...

I remember seeing that technique, probably by Lin or Leandra, in a very old Craft Stamper. Your metal piece is beautiful.

Hazel Agnew said...

What a great weekend! will look to see them integrate into your work! xx

craftytrog said...

Remember making an arch at the first Artsy Craft weekend, yours is fantastic Sam! xxx

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