Thursday, 27 November 2014

Playing with Felt, Fabrics and BondaWeb

Been playing with fabric bits today.  Base is a piece of purple acrylic felt and then chopped pieces of organza, bits of cotton scrim, other scraps of fabric, then a layer of bondaweb.

Left - throwsters waste and gilding flakes ironed over the top
Right - cotton scrim and gilding flakes ironed over the top

Then I took a piece of bright red organza and stitched it over the top. I used gold to stitch around the borders.

And unfortunately you can't see this one very well, but I used a silky orange thread and a lovely stitch to add a grid to this piece.

So I've shown you the back, so you can see what I've done and the fab stitch that I didn't even know I had!!

I did make them with the intention of burning and making marks on them, but I quite like them how they are, so might leave these as they are and make some more.


massofhair said...

Have you got the Margaret Beal book Sam? I did a little workshop with her and she is amazing, learnt so much.

Two lovely pieces of fabric, looking forward to seeing if you do anything more with them :-) xxx

Amanda said...

Looking good Sam, great textures
Amanda x

Julie Ann Lee said...

These look really beautiful, Sam. I love the bright abstract quality and the collage effect with the fabric. It's all very experimental and fun. xxx

Helen said...

This looks great, love the base purple colour (sorry I called it pink before, lol!) - fab idea, Sam.

Sid said...

Very interesting range of using bondaweb ! Results are great !

chrissies said...

This looks like a lot of fun Sam and the end products are very different from anything I have seen before

Love Chrissie x

hazel said...

xxx Hazel.

craftytrog said...

These look great! xxx

Deborah said...

Fabulous, Sam. Makes me want to dig out my textile stash - I took quite a few classes when I lived in Cambridge.

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

They look great.

butterfly said...

That looks like lots of fun, and creates such amazing tactile artwork - love the gilding flakes over the top.
Alison xx

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