Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Brushos and Bleach

By this time I'd had everything out, so I carried on and made even more mess!!

Left is a brusho mop up and right is a sandwich off a bondaweb page

I used my new wooden TH stamp from Lesley on the left hand side of the left piece and I bleached out the cobwebs on the right.

Close up of the bleached areas.

To create this background I used a pipette to add a pool of water on the card, then added the brusho - thanks Amanda

Then simply stamped the wonderful dragonfly image.


massofhair said...

Very pretty, anyone would think you really love using your Brushos lol:-) xxx

Amanda said...

It's Brusho tactic, how addictive are they?? Love the results. Glad my technique worked for you fab results with the dragonfly stamp. Also thanks for the mention.
Amanda x

Sandy said...

Okay Sam - this is all fabulous! I love your Halloween make but then I see all three and love them all!
Sandy xx

hazel said...

I'm going to have to look into Brushos as Ive never seen them before - I love what you've done with them especially the last one.
xxx Hazel.

Lin said...

love 'em Sam!! xxx

Helen said...

They look fabulous!! I saw Neet has been using brusho's lots lately too, she's got some great results too. I may still get some, (lol!)

Corrie Herriman said...

Looks like you had fun ! Those brusho's look very addictive !
Corrie x

Alison said...

Beautiful backgrounds! xxx

chrissies said...

You certainly have this nailed Sam--the backgrounds are terrific

Love Chrissie

Anonymous said...

They're great I love the skeleton.

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