Monday, 30 September 2013

My First Ever Lin Brown Class

Wow what a fabulous weekend we've just had with a double helping of Lin Brown classes.  On Saturday at the first workshop we made a variation of the above.  If you fancy a go, Lin still has places on another class she is holding, you can find all the details here.

So we have just been given our kits and the first thing to do was choose our colours and paint our frames.

Left back to front - Jax, Lin S, Jacqui
Right back to front - Helen, Janet, Emma

Lesley and Jacqui on the case.

Lin B giving a bit of helpful instruction.

Then everyone got stuck in and was well away.

Having fun laughing and joking, even though we were apparently quiet!!!

Lin explaining about the next steps.

Lunchtime and the lovely Jo popped in to see us.

Followed by a rummage through the mdf bag of bits and pieces.

We were soon back to it and out came the chocolate!!!

Jax and Helen standing up on the job!!!

Right then Lesley, where does that piece go??

Emma - After deciding the layout, sticking on the doors

Janet - Checking out the placement and layout

Lesley - Does this look okay there or shall I move it to there??

Jax - sticking the doors on

Helen - Putting her compass together

Jacqui - All finished - great crackle

Lin - Adding finishing touches of treasure gold

And finally mine!!!

In the evening Lin B had booked a table for us at the American Diner next to the Travel Lodge we were all staying in.  We were joined by Gabrielle and Andrew, Jax's hubby.

Lin, Helen and Gabrielle

Me, Lesley, Jacqui and Lin

Day 2 will follow in another post!!!!!


Jacqui Hall said...

Read in reverse order, but two great posts.

Jo said...

Lol Sam,can't believe you got Lin and I both standing the same, arms folded! Great pics though and definitely a fab weekend had by all. Jo xx

Deborah said...

Love your artwork - the colours are lovely.

Lin said...

Great post Sam and a great weekend..little did we know that Jo had a big fat secret lol!! Will definately do it again :D xx

Marianne said...

Beautiful creations all of them!! I saw them in your other post where they all are showing it very proudly. Lovely!!
xxx Marianne

massofhair said...

Hi Sam

Logged in on computer now... Two fantastic posts, really giving us a flavour of how fabulous your weekend was. Thanks for sharing :-) x

Yours Artfully said...

Wow Sam, great account of the weekend, you took so many photos!! As Jo said, the one of me and Jo standing together is hilarious!!!

Thank you so much for coming.

Lin x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see so many great photos of your weekend. Off to look at Day Two now........

Jacqui Chimes said...

Love your posts Sam and the photos are fab

Minxy said...

Can't believe I missed out on this weekend, Glad you all had an awesome time...the artwork is stunning xo

craftimamma said...

I've done the same as Jax and read in reverse order 'cos as usual, I'm behind, lol! Fabulous post and pics Sam. You make a great official photographer, ;D!

Love the warm colours on your project and didn't they all turn out great. BTW you have a pic of THE RING Emma was talking about, lol!

Lesley Xx

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