Friday, 18 May 2012

Thank You Card

I made this little card as a thank you to Neet.  I used pan pastels as I have been trying to talk her into buying some for ages and I'm happy to report she now the proud owner of lots of colours!!!!!  I created the purply~lilac background by, are you ready for this, going outside, picking up a handful of red, white and pink blossom that had fallen of ours and our neighbours trees, placing them on a piece of card and then on my big shot plates.  I gave them a spritz of water, put the top plate on and ran them through the machine.  Once dried off I lightly tinted it with violet and magenta pan pastels.  I stamped the cow slip in black stazon and went over certain areas with a white pen.  I also wanted to incorporate the new spring limited edition of distress inks as they were fast becoming a favourite of hers too!!!  So the butterfly was inked in all 3 colours, spritzed with water and stamped to give a water coloured effect.  The word thanks was stamped in the peacock.  The actual card was coloured with turquoise pan pastel.  I didn't press on too hard as the card was hammered so in some places the white came through giving a lovely effect.

Apologies for the quality of the photo and the colours, but it was a real gloomy, dull day when it was taken.


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...gorgeous card Sam, super inky work & loVe you butterfly effect...she'll loVe it...Mel :)

May said...

Stunning card Sam.. Love the colours... I have never tired pan pastels yet... must sort that one Happy Friday... Hugs May x x

Marianne said...

This is a beautiful card. Love the colours and the flowerstamp!!
Hugs, Marianne

ju said...

Gorgeous work as usual Sam....heard alot about pan pastels but not used any yet.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my is the leg now ? Better I hope!! xx

Femmy said...

lovely card Sam! have a good weekend.

downrightcrafty said...

oh I think she will love this such depth to the back ground again and lovely stamp, so pleased she has lots of them now
Hugs Kate xx
no PINK!!!!

Sue said...

This is very pretty Sam, that's 2 of us you've lured over to the PP side lol x

hazel said...

A gorgeous card - Neet will love it. I love how you made the background and the colours are lovely.
I have a few Pan Pastels now - they're great.
xxx Hazel.

Chris said...

Gorgeous card, Sam. Love the background technique!

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