Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Another Surprise

That Neet is full of surprises you know.  When her and Chas left the Lincoln Craft Show on Sunday, instead of going home, they went to Cleethorpes to stay for a few days.  Now Cleethorpes is only about 6 miles from me, so imagine my surprise when she phoned and told me she was coming to see me and wanted to meet Fraz whom she'd heard so much about.  Well here they all are.  Fraz was on his very best behaviour and even posed for the photo!!!

It was absolutely fabulous to see you both again, even if I only saw you on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again a week on Thursday, can't wait!!!

But at least I got to surprise her too.  I decided to make her a little baggie to take with me on Thursday, so I gave her it today instead.  I also put some other bits I made inside.  I wanted to make her something that incorporated some machine sewing as she has recently purchased a smart new sewing machine herself.  I wasn't brave enough to free motion sew an image on the front so I stamped one instead!!

And this is the back.  I know she likes the TH papillon stamp plate, even though she doesn't own it yet!!!

So I gave it to her today instead, see you on Thursday!!!


Marianne said...

Lovely baggie and what a lovely dog :-)) Looks so much like ours. Thanks for sharing the photo! Hugs,

cockney blonde said...

What a fabbie dog, just like a pyjama case. I bet Neet and Chas loved the cuddles. So jealous!!!
Love the bag, x

Carol Q said...

how lovely to have a visit from Chas and Neet Sam. Love your bag.

downrightcrafty said...

lovely baggie and I am sure that the visit was just great for you, and Fraz of course
Hugs Kate x

Lottie said...

What a great surprise and what a gorgeous baggie you made

chrissie said...

How wonderful was all of that--love the piccie-I bet they wanted to take
Fraz home with them.

Beautiful little bag which I am sure will be treasured.


Neet said...

An a fabulous bag and filling I got. I love my bag and have it hung in my craft room for all to see (newly sorted craft room too). The tag is hung on the wall - the hanging on my new cupboard as soon as you walk in.
Thanks for a great time - and give Fraz a big hug from us - can't wait for the next time!
Hugs, Neet xx

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