Tuesday, 28 December 2010


All these notebooks were made from friendly plastic.  The top one incorporates the ooze technique and angelina fibres.  Gems and an image have been set in the plastic.

The one on the right is an off cut of a piece of a bracelet with a small circle cut out and replaced with an image.  A cutter was used to make the heart shape and the background is made with a piece of mesh from an orange bag.  Beads were added to both.

The piece on the right was made by fusing different coloured triangles together and using the needle tool to marble and swirl the colours.  The piece on the right is made with 4 stacked triangles fused together and finished off with a large clear stone placed on a piece of chocolate coloured singed organza.  The base is corrugated.  The holes and wires were created with the bind it all machine.


Neet said...

Goodness gracious Sam - you have been busy. You are certainly into this FP = hope you manage to get on one of the weekends. Will have to brush up on my techniques.

You are creating some fabulous things.

Minxy said...

Look at you with you fancy plastic makes, is there nothing you can't master Sam... wish i had your energy x There all fab xx

Zoechaos said...

Yumyum these are soooo pretty and clever feelin' better? XOXO Zoe

downrightcrafty said...

I like the one that has the triangles on it that looks like a flower really pretty colours
Hugs Kate xx

LazyKay said...

Brill idea, lovely designs.


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