Friday, 31 December 2010

Clay Projects

I painted a piece of corrugated in green patina eco friendly paint.  Attached a piece of fabric to the top half, singed a piece of green organza and stapled it to the corrugated.  I wrapped the clay pieces around a kebab stick, stamped into the clay and made some holes to enable me to sew them down.  Before baking I covered the clay pieces with micaceous iron oxide to enable me to add perfect pearls after baking. I painted the kebab stick and added a bead to each end.

The clay piece on the left was made as above, the other piece was laid flat and stamped into.  Strips of fabric have been sewn onto the scrunched paper background which has been coloured with brusho.  The thick piece of wool fibre has been couched onto the piece.  The green jute was machine sewn and a piece cut out to house the clay piece.  Singed organza was used to house the second clay piece which was sewn on with embroidery threads.  Finally I added a pre dyed silk cocoon which I got from Harrogate and placed some mohair inside it.  I just need to decide what to mount it on.

I machine sewed various fibres to the scrunched paper background, again coloured with brusho.  Singed three pieces of rose coloured organza and inlaid each piece of stamped clay sewing down using the pre made holes.  I machine sewed the piece of green jute.  I covered the whole thing with a piece of chocolate coloured tulle, machine sewed around the edges, cut diagonally across the middle and then cut those pieces in half again.  Using the heat tool I singed the tulle away from the middle and it attached back on itself on the outside pieces. I sewed on three wooden beads to finish.


Lottie said...

Oh how I love visting your blog. I am always guaranteed the wonderment of yet more of your original work.

Your 'experiments' (not the word I am searching for but I hope you know what I mean) all the things you try with mixed media of all sorts, I would never have even imagined attempting. You are so innovative, with so many new ideas.

Wishing you a healthy and happy and creative new year.


Neet said...

I can't keep up with you - you are producing some stunning pieces and they are so diverse too.
2010 has been your year as far as creativity goes and I look forward to seeing what you produce in 2011 because as what media you use it will be fabulous.
Love and Best Wishes for 2011 to You, Martin and Fraz!

Carol said...

Love the textures, colours and various mediums - so much to see and imagine!


Sue said...

Wow, made me tired just reading how you have done these. I totally agree with what has been said Sam, - you've made some brilliant creations x

LazyKay said...

Lovely variety of designs and materials.


Deborah said...

Wow, these are amazing Sam! such textures! Did not know about micaceous iron oxide helping to stick perfect pearls either.

JoZart said...

I'm loving what you are creating and I'm so chuffed that I'm now the proud owner of the middle piece on this post... Woo hoo ! thanks again so much for thinking of me and it will be a nice original art addition to my newly decorated hall.
Jo x

Nicks said...

wow these are just gorgeous

Minxy said...

I'm sure i asked b4 but forgot, what clay do you use, the piece you send me is so cool.
Love your little collaborations with all the different elements x

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