Sunday, 12 April 2009

Playdoh Moulds

Took Hilda a can of Playdoh to make moulds with. After we'd raided her brooch box we made a mould. This time though we used clear embossing ink all over the mould in the hope of it acting as a resist. The detail on this cameo was stunning.

This was also a lovely brooch but the detail didn't transfer as well, but we gave it a go anyway.

I used a few drops of orange to dye for in my utee and these are the results after a lot of scrubbing as the resist on the playdoh didn't work. Hilda added a few coates of perfect pearls to hide what we couldn't get off!!!! Still, I think we laughed more than ever, apart from when I melted my paint brush and it all fell apart, now that was funny, but that's another story!!!!


Claireabelle said...

Love the cameo one Sam. Looks like its back to the drawing board with the playdoh

crafty creations said...

It was great fun - but don't think we'll be using play doh too much - I know you have something else to try ( the stuff they make denture moulds with) maybe that'll work out better - but it was great fun anyway

Angelnorth said...

Awww, looks like you had a great time playing with lots of different tools and techniques! Sounds like something that forms a bit more of a 'skin' might be necessary for more detailed moulds though, hope the dental alginate works better for you!

Lil Sis said...

Love the cameo details amazing - would like to have seen the brush!

LazyKay said...

Oh, they are brill! Look like sweeties.

Have you tried a fine coating of Vaseline as a release?


Shairon said...

Looks like you had a wonderful, fun-filled, arty, crafty day. I'm still green! x

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