Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fat Page Lottery Win - Green

Every month on the Lotstodo Forum there has been a fat page lottery draw, but Decembers is the last one. Basically the previous winner sets the theme and any forum member is free to join in if they wish. If you do, all names are put into a 'hat' and a winner is drawn and that person gets ALL that months fat pages. This month Hilda chose green. As this is my favourite colour I just had to join in and I won. I did feel very guilty about this as I've only entered 2 or 3 all year, but I'm assured it was all done fair and square. So I decided to make my winnings into a green BIA book.
I know a few people who have been lucky and got a BIA for Christmas. Just as a guide re the wires, there are 20 pages in this book, about 6 of them are mountboard and the rest thick card and I used a 1" wire to bind them.


crafty creations said...

You've made the pages in to a stunning book Sam - well done on winning the pages

And a very happy and healthy new year to you and martin

crafty creations said...
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LazyKay said...

Well done on being picked 'out of the hat' and great idea to use the bia to make them into a book too.


Ang C said...

what a gorgeous book

well done on winning

Femmy said...

what a beautiful book Sam!!

Sue said...

Congratulations on winning, Sam.
Looks great all binded together. x

Andrea said...

Look great set as a book

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