Sunday, 29 April 2012

Guilding Flakes and Glues

I decided to have a little play with various mediums and guilding flakes.  Note to self, once guilding flakes have been sprinkled on image, do not exhale!!!!

This was my attempt using Mod Podge - not very good

This was my attempt using Golden matte medium - not successful at all!!

Although not perfect, I got the best results from good old PVA.

I think I probably chose the wrong stamp to try this with.  A bolder one with less detail may have been better. 

All the glues were painted onto a piece of cut n dry foam and applied to the stamp with the foam.  You need to wash your stamp fairly quickly after you've stamped it.

I might do a little more experimenting with another stamp!!


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...hi Sam...these flake are soooo pretty they reflect the light amazing well and prbably your whole craft area too now...I've not got these yet...if your not happpy with your result punch out some butterflies or hearts from it they'd look amazing...Mel :)

Thanks re mag, I may subscribe to Stampington, Somerset Life is just awesome so many wonderful ideas...xx

Alison said...

You need flitter glu, it's the best! Great experimentation though, tfs! xxx

Von said...

yep you need the flitter glue Sam:)
the other glue I have had success with is the type that come in a pen with a big fat felt nib

Lottie said...

I can see a face in the last image Sam - and it's a great experiment.

JoZart said...

Lots of things to play with and it looks like you are having good fun!
Thanks for your comment ... to which I must add that those items are quite straightforward to make... Get over to Vicky Stampers sometime and join in with us!!
It's all good fun with good results!
love jo x

Femmy said...

looks great Sam!

All mixed up maz said...

Thanks for all your help
flakes are looking good

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