Sunday, 18 December 2011

An iron and some wax

I decided to have a play today with some wax and my travel iron been as I've just bought a book called Encaustic Art: How to paint with wax by Michael Bossom.  This technique is called geometric abstract lines, drawing lines using the baseplate of the iron.

This one is monochrome where I was just practising the four basic techniques, but I like how it came out.

Then I got brave and decided to have a go at a bit of a landscape.

Then I decided to introduce a few more colours.

And then I did another one.


Von said...

I love playing at encaustic art as well Sam boy you sure can get through a lot of glossy card lol
Rubons work really well on the surface for adding text :)
Take care
Von xxx

Sid said...

Some fab effects there Sam !

Femmy said...

fabulous Sam!!

downrightcrafty said...

wow love the last one looks so detailed, if only I could iron like this lol x still have my pile to clear for Xmas, it just keep growing
have a great Xmas hun
Hugs Kate xx

ju said...

Hi Sam, long time sice I visited blogland so thought I would drop by!! Love playing with the encaustic stuff myself, have done quite a bit lately....are these your first ones? Brill...xx

Carol Q said...

amazing the effects you can create with this technique Sam. some fab alien landscapes there! lol

Femmy said...

Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your loved ones.

Alison said...

Brilliant effects Sam!
Sorry to hear about your fall, what a rotten thing to happen! Hope you recover quickly!
Wishing you both a happy & healthy New Year xxx

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