Saturday, 19 December 2009

Dolls Chair

Way back in the summer my friend Kath aka LazyKay sent me a dolls chair to alter. We decided to do a challenge, I was to make something for her with mine and she was to make me something with hers.

I wanted to make some sort of shrine, but it ended up going way beyond that!!!

This is what I came up with. The chair has been painted in gold dabber. I covered a piece of balsar wood with black and white checks. My mate Claire kindly stamped out some shrine images for me and I made them bigger on the photocopier. I mounted them onto mountboard, coloured them and then cut them out. Kath had previously sent me the clay moulds, so I painted them gold too and added them to 2 of the wall panels. The panels are held up with lollie pop sticks which have been wedged into the wooden base. I was now thinking that it sort of looked like a palace.

And no palace is fit without a queen. Queenie is made from a spoon, bent round to sit on the chair, although I did have to raise her off the seat slightly so her arms would fit!!! The dress is simply layed pieces of paper with a doylie for her neckline. A clay mould for the face, wool for the hair and a metal crown.

Kath and I were hoping to meet as I wanted to give it to her in person, but it just never happened, so I ended up posting it and I'm happy to report it all arrived safely and in tact!!!


crafty creations said...

Oh I like that very much

x Hilda

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is fabulous and so creative Sam! Love Queenie! xx

Liz said...

Whoooooooooooooo whos a very clever girl then fab Sam

liz xx

LazyKay said...

It's totally brill (and I haven't finished mine yet!).

You'd have to see this in real life to appreciate it fully. She's here now, looking regally at me from my desk as I type, while I try to think of a more permanent place for her to live.

Thanks Sam.


Sue Abbott said...

How you come up with these ideas is amzing. It seems you just kept going and going and ended up with a masterpiece which Kath obviously loves! x

Neet said...

Reading down your post I was ready to comment on your shrines and the throne which are absolutely gorgeous. Then I came to the Queen sitting on the throne - what a fantastic idea - a wonderful piece of altered art.

Minxy said...

I agree, i immediatly thought it looked like a palace,a fab and awsome one and your queen is ace too :)

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