Monday, 30 November 2009

Fab Weekend

Warning before you start - this is a very, very, very long post!!!!! Get your coffee and settle down

Had a fab weekend at Art from the Heart in Harrogate, Dy is brilliant and there was a great crowd. It all started on Friday evening when we were faced with a wooden sledge, a huge red bauble and a small tag!!!! We spent the evening priming all the pieces and eating pizza!!!
The following day we were ready to get stuck in with the paints

Above is Chris clearing up her mess, I stepped away as she was getting more over me than she was on her sledge!!!

This is the rest of the gang beavering away

We put our sledges to one side to dry off after lots of huffs and puffs and swear words. Dy took all of us well and truely out of our comfort zone by making us paint 'properly' with a brush and then adding shading and hi-lites - not as easy as she makes it look, but great effects were achieved (eventually!!!!)

Next we moved on to our bauble. Everyone, but especially Dy, thought I was mad when I said I wanted to do a 'green' one, with a green nose and green lips. But I think he turned out fab. Quite enjoyed this activity.

Here they are, all drying in the corridor

Then we got into 'proper' crafting. Dy got out some packs which included her own design Blonde Moments christmas papers, ribbons and a flip book to decorate

This is how mine looks at the minute, it's not finished yet

Sunday morning and Dy thought it would be a good time to varnish our sledges and baubles. But there was a problem.............................

The lid wouldn't come of the varnish. But with a knife, spoon, hammer and a lot of brute force, Gill managed to get the lid off - whey-hey, well done Gill

So we proceeded to varnish and here are my finished products
The sledge with the shading and hi-lites

My 'green' snowman from the front

And the back. Even Fraser was impressed!!!

And the next activity was my favourite, because it was the messiest. Instead of painting with a brush, we used our fingers - YAY!!!!! We used Claudines paints to cover a wooden mdf tag and stamped it up. A dress and legs had been stamped onto canvas and we painted that too. Wings and a crown had been drawn onto grungeboard for us, so we painted them too!!!! We were asked to take a headshot of ourselves, but the one I took wasn't big enough, (no comments, thank you!!!), so here is my completed tag, now with a head.



By did she work us hard, because then we were given another pack and a mirror to decorate. By this time most of us were flagging and thinking of the horrid drive home in all that heavy rain.

This is Dy's finished mirror

and t
his is as far as I got with mine before I had to set off home, but I've got all the bits to finish it, so watch this space................................

One last thing, Dy showed us all how to make a rose from grunge paper

Just want to say a huge thank you to Dy for putting up with us and to everyone else for making the weekend a great experience and most of all a fun one xxxx

Edited - Monday 30 November - 6.45pm

Added some bits to my book today, going to finish it off with some christmas 2009 photos when it gets here!!!!

And this is my finished mirror with a piece of white card in the middle!!!!


Chris said...

It was certainly an experience! lol Thanks for your great company, Sam. Your projects look fab.

ju said...

What brilliant projects Sam! Looks like you all had a great time doing them too. Think I like the sled best - but then the bauble is cute and the flip book is fab............!!xx

Lottie said...

How absolutely wonderful Sam - you learned and achieved so much - such wonderful works of art.

Love your green snowman head - that's how I feel - green with envy

Did you all draw the features on yourselves - they are gorgeous - and it is so nice to be different isn't it.
So you'll be doing a tute of a grungepaper rose now will you.

Anonymous said...

looks like you had an amazingly fun packed weekend!

sam21ski said...

Yes Lottie we drew everything on ourselves with a sharpie pen on the snowmen and NO I will not be making another flower!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you all had a fab weekend of crafting Sam! Love all the bits you made! xx

Effie said...

Busy busy.. love your tag!

downrightcrafty said...

wow hun, you had an ace time, no wonder we heard nothing from you. What you have made are stunning and I bet anything the best bits were the messy bits. Well done you, great blog and loved reading it - felt your excitement.
take care
ps bauble is my favorite xx

Minxy said...

You lucky bugger....looks like you had a fantastic time.. and the items you made are all fabberoooooonie xx Think i like the sleigh the best x

Susan's crafty chaos said...

What great work Sam, it sounds like you all had a great time! :D

Sue Abbott said...

Dyan always excells in all she teaches, and you always end up with loads of projects and loads of laughs. Love the green on the snowman, really different. x

Burnice said...

Fan bloomin' tastic. Love the flip book and the mirror and the bauble - oh and I like the sleigh too.......................

Burnice x

crafty creations said...

seems like you all had a fantastic time Sam - your pieces are brilliant

x Hilda

Hels said...

Looks like you had an action packed time...and what a gorgeous amount of delighful pieces of art you so loving the snowman...soooo cute! x

Lorraine said...

looks like you had a fab those cheeky ornaments and the flip book

LazyKay said...

O M G! I am totally GREEN with envy - what a brill week end you've had a great stuff to bring home and inspire you.


Neet said...

Wow - everything is wonderful but I do like the book - love those images on it.

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