Sunday, 23 November 2008

YAY - We Got Snow

We got some snow this morning and it's still snowing now, the dogs loved romping around in it


Ang C said...

great picture Sam

I'm feeling cold just looking at that snow :)

crafty creations said...

fantastic !!!! bet they had a great time

x Hilda

Helena said...

Haven't been on your blog in ages, but took a quick look, just now!!

Wow some nice stash that you got at the show, fun times ahead!

I can't beleive how well the babies are getting on together, you would swear they had always been together!!

Liking all the things you have made recently too!


Claireabelle said...

fab pic Sam, Im totally not jealous of your snow, nope, not at all. Not one bit. Absolutely not

Andrea said...

Great photo Sam,bet the boys loved the snow

LazyKay said...

I bet they had a great time!


Mags said...

Bless them, bet they had great fun in the snow!

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