Friday, 24 August 2007


Has anyone tried DIPTYCH with ATC's??

A diptych is an object with two flat plates attached at a hinge

Obviously these are not attached at the hinge as they will not fit into the 3 x 3 pockets that we all store our ATC's in

They were great fun to do though. I sort of cheated for this one because I cut each piece of card 5" x 3.5"

Top: I created the background paper then stamped the Hampton Art Queen Tag across the card, raised the face using another piece of card and put some eyelets in for the tag holes. Then I cut the piece of card in half and ended up with 2 x ATC size works of art

Bottom: I created the background for this one using the tape transfer technique, using masking tape. Added a couple of pictures (little angels smoking and drinking) a piece of ribbon and a couple of eyelets, again I cut the card in half to get my 2 ATC's

Just be aware of where you put your eyelets and embellishments and you'll be well away with this one. It was quite nice to work with something a little bigger than ATC size

Yes I know all about FAT PAGES, but apparently they become addictive to, therefore I refuse to make even ONE!!!!!!


joanne wardle said...

these are great! have you tried more conected atcs? I've done 4 connected but that's my max so far

sam21ski said...

Yeah we often do 3 x 3's, so you end up with 9 atc's in all. Basically you end up with a large picture that you chop up into ATC sized pieces

Helena said...

Nice work Sam! These look great!

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